Life happens…

24 Jul

I guess I missed my personal deadline of May 1st… I will work harder at making this blog happen!


I’m Stephanie…

2 May

.. I’m a 27 year old mom to my 2.5 year old Little Princess and wife to an amazing man.  The hubs and I went to high school together, started dating in December 2001, Engaged 2005, Married in 2007, and  LP was born in 2009… TEN YEARS of coupled bliss!

Hubs is a design engineer in agriculture industry.  It’s odd because he grew up a city kid and I was the farm girl.  A bit of a role reversal for us.  He’s a chairperson and board member at our car club and I’m the secretary and we also enjoy Geocaching.   We met in the music program in high school and I chased him to college.  I graduated with a degree in accounting, but I currently work in the banking/finance industry.  I am a full-time employee so LP is in daycare full-time as well.  I’m in the local parenting scene though La Leche League, Trust Birth, and our local babywearing, cloth diaper, and attachment parenting groups.  Even though I’m very involved in these groups, I’m not a judgemental person and believe as long as you make informed decisions you should be able to parent the way you want.  Parents need support, period.

LP is a very active little lady.  She loves bugs, singing, swimming, puzzles, animals, and going to the zoo.  She’s thriving in her preschool classroom.   Stick with us and see our journey to becoming debt free.  We’re wanting to have another little born in 2013 (shooting for an April birth).

Welcome to the future home of Budgets and Babies

5 Apr

Welcome to the future home of Budget and Babies.  I am still learning how blogging works, but am very excited to share my journey with the masses!

I want this to be a way for parents to find financial freedom in their ever-expanding families.   I am still experiementing with other hosts to see what fits my personality and allows me to communicate as efficiently as possible.

Look for my first post May 1!